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Community: Philanthropy

Thank You Tuesday
Every Tuesday we contribute three percent of our gross sales to a charitable organization. Our hope is to increase awareness about these organizations and the good work they do in our community while providing them financial support. We offer our customers a chance to contribute through their purchases -- giving back to the community while getting something they love. We support a different organization each season.
Current Recipient: Center for Legal Immigration Assistance
The Center for Legal Immigration Assistance (CLIA) exists to open doors of equal opportunity to immigrants and refugees by providing quality, affordable immigration related legal services which immigrants have expressed is their number one need. Since opening in 2001, CLIA has helped over 5,000 immigrants and refugees comply with federal immigration laws at little or no cost depending on their income level. Victims of domestic violence are a high priority at CLIA because they are one of the most vulnerable groups in Nebraska. Since 2004, CLIA has helped hundreds of domestic violence victims self-petition for legal protected status and embark on a life of self-sufficiency.

CLIA prioritizes immigrant women who are domestic violence victims. CLIA believes that these women are the most vulnerable immigrant group currently in Lincoln, NE, and in greatest need of a program that does not require them to pay legal fees. The abuse that these victims suffer affects not only their own lives, but also the lives of their children, who frequently witness the abuse. Most of these victims are not eligible for public assistance, experience a major language barrier, and feel trapped and hopeless. Filling out the requisite legal documents for an immigrant victim of crime is labor intensive and most attorneys could not afford to take the required time (at least 20 hours) to serve them pro bono. CLIA, however, serves all of these victims without charge and they enjoy their own prioritized waiting list to ensure that they are all seen for a first consultation with trained staff as quickly as possible.

CLIA is funded through grants, donations, and some client fees - and they charge significantly less than if a person were to go through a private attorney. For more information or to donate directly, please contact Jonathan Rubio, Administrative Assistant, at (402) 471-1777.


Sponsorship for Your Organization
If your organization would like to be considered for sponsorship, send an email to our shop that includes:
your mission statement
information about the population served
information about how your organization is funded
the name and phone number of a contact person
We are always looking for new organizations to support. Please contact us soon.
We look forward to hearing from you! 

Our Gift Certificates are available for any amount, never expire and are good on all books & merchandise in our store. All Gift Certificates are written by hand. Gift Certificates of $25 or higher value come in a beautiful sleeve of handmade paper embedded with wildflower seeds, which can be planted in a sunny spot.

"If you have a library and a garden,
you have everything you need.
" ~ Cicero

We are happy to send Gift Certificates directly to all the people on your list. To order, please call (402) 475-8663, email us or visit our Gifts for Book Lovers page.