Read in Color ~
Help Put Diverse Children’s Books
into Lincoln’s Little Free Libraries
Through May 31st 2022

We feel that kids benefit from having books that serve as both mirror and window. They all deserve to have books with characters who are reflections of themselves – and books that offer a view of the wider world.
We look forward to stocking Lincoln’s Little Free Libraries with Diverse Children’s Books this summer.

All Spring, we’ll be donating a percentage of gross sales on Thursday toward this project – AND we’re offering a 30% DISCOUNT on any books customers purchase to donate to our Little Free Library bin.

Read in Color is a new initiative by the national Little Free Library organization. A few other states have had programs/events – but there hasn’t been anything in our area yet.

Lincoln is a perfect fit. We value diversity and community. We have a great group of Little Free Library stewards.

Join us in this community project – and help us make Lincoln even more welcoming, interesting and colorful!

Shop Downtown During
Pineapple Days Sidewalk Sales
Fri 6/10 & Sat 6/11

Pineapple Days Sidewalk Sales is one of Downtown’s Best Summer Traditions!
It’s a combo of local retail sidewalk sales, an amazing garage sale & a luau theme party. 14th Street comes alive ~ colorful tables on the sidewalk full of Books, Art Supplies, Cool Stuff and racks full of Tote Bags, T-shirts & Boutique Fashions.

We’ll be playing Harry Belafonte in the Bookstore.
Come join in the fun and get some deals at this signature summer event!