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    Euphoria by Lily King

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    Inspired by events in the life of revolutionary anthropologist Margaret Mead, Euphoria is a captivating story of three young, gifted anthropologists of the 1930's caught in a passionate love triangle that threatens their bonds, their careers, and ultimately their lives. Seductive and intellectual. Trade paperback.
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    Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie

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    A novel that’s an imaginative work of extraordinary intensity and power. Whooping through drama and comedy, good and evil, introducing creatures delightful or frightening, this joyous and tender book shines like a bright light in a world increasing fearful of freedom and ideas. A book for anyone who loves a good story – and also, a work of literary genius. Trade paperback.
  • Swamplandia! by Karin Russell

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    This lush and bravely imagined debut novel takes us to the shimmering edge of reality as we get to know 13 year-old Ava Bigtree. Ava has lived her entire life at Swamplandia!, her family’s island home and gator-wrestling theme park in the Florida Everglades. When illness fells Ava’s mother, the park’s indomitable headliner, the family is plunged into chaos. Ava sets out on a mission through magical swamps to save them all. A bewitching novel. Trade paperback.
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