~Collections & Estates~

If you have a very large collection –
or are handling the estate of a collector –
please call (402) 475-8663 and inquire about a House Call. 

~Making an In-Store Appointment~

Please email us photos of your books ~
group shots, so we can see the spines.
If your books are a good fit for our store,
we will offer you an appointment for you to bring them in. 

~Our Evaluation Process~

We only buy books that are in excellent condition.
Other considerations include demand and market value.

We are highly selective, and can’t say that enough.
However, we think a truly great bookstore
carries books that inspire, even though they may not sell.
We are drawn to the quirky, atypical, significant, and beautiful.

Please mention things that may add value to your books
such as signatures, first editions, etc.
In our business, there have been a handful of times
we’ve discovered a point of value we missed during the buying process.
Even though our original offer was accepted and the customer had been paid,
we contacted them and gave them an additional check.

We have over 55 years combined experience buying books and will treat you fairly.
Please feel free to ask any questions.

~Our Offers~

We offer cash or trade credit for your books – or a combination of both, if you prefer.

The trade credit offer is about 30% higher than the cash offer,
depending on the books you trade in.
We sometimes offer a little more trade credit than our standard amount.

Trade credit is good on all used books in our shop.
Trade credit can not be converted to cash later.
However, your credit never expires and may be transferred to someone else’s account as a gift.

~Books We Want~

  • Philosophy

  • Science

  • Ancient & Medieval History

  • Easton Press and Folio Society Books

  • D&D and other Role-Playing Books

~Books We Don’t Want~

  • Books that are not in Like New Condition

  • Harlequin/Silhouette type Romance

  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books

  • Textbooks

  • Basic Coffee Table Books about Countries/Animals/Etc

9/21/21: Our goal is to curate a selection of wonderful books in a variety of sections – and we are very particular about what we purchase.
We are now scheduling a limited number of buys. If you have great books in like new condition, we are interested in talking with you.
Please call our shop at (402) 475-8663 and ask for Katherine.